Novel by Christina Carson

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Quote from Suffer the Little Children:

"Perhaps what we call misfortune is actually a place where the universe interrupts our habits that keep life so limited and small, forcing us to respond differently. The opportunity it offers depends on how hard we work to close the gap or hold it open, allowing ourselves to glimpse realities we've never glimpsed before."


Novel by Christina Carson

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Quote from Dying to Know:

"I knew in that moment, we were never meant to surrender our childlike innocence, to trade a world in which we fit like a glove for one that hung on us like ill-fitting hand-me-downs. However, all about us insisted on our membership. And instead of a handshake or a mystical password as entrance into this spurious society, we agreed instead to share a lie, the one that says we’re safe, secure, and fulfilled living this way." 



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Take It From a Cow

February 29, 2012

Years ago, I had the quirkiest milk cow named Molly. She was a huge 1500 lb. Holstein (the black and white variety) with the touchiest disposition imaginable. Her moods appeared to stretch from enduring to down-right dour, contentment not even a passing fancy. But she did have what seemed like one w…

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