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Quote from Suffer the Little Children:

"Perhaps what we call misfortune is actually a place where the universe interrupts our habits that keep life so limited and small, forcing us to respond differently. The opportunity it offers depends on how hard we work to close the gap or hold it open, allowing ourselves to glimpse realities we've never glimpsed before."


Novel by Christina Carson

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Quote from Dying to Know:

"I knew in that moment, we were never meant to surrender our childlike innocence, to trade a world in which we fit like a glove for one that hung on us like ill-fitting hand-me-downs. However, all about us insisted on our membership. And instead of a handshake or a mystical password as entrance into this spurious society, we agreed instead to share a lie, the one that says we’re safe, secure, and fulfilled living this way." 



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The Jewel in the Crown

August 26, 2012

Yesterday, while on Dictionary.com looking for the right word yet again, I spotted one of their little quizzes, and curious, clicked for the answer to their question: What word has 76 different meanings? My first thought was, thank God English is my first language. Can you imagine trying to accommod…

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Thinking of Something Better

August 23, 2012

I was reading poetry this morning. I often read poetry before starting to write, as it shows me where the moment is and ushers me in. When we are present, we are attentive to reality; when we are not present, we are held in the gossipy soap opera of our minds. I began to reflect on an incident from…

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The Shared Wonder of Film

August 19, 2012

It was just a short trip to the print shop. Normally, I prefer silence to the radio, but this time I punched a button for an NPR station. My attention was immediately caught by the voice of a highly articulate woman who spoke with great intelligence and passion about a project that was bringing life…

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That Nasty Little Task - Inserting Page Numbers

August 15, 2012

Trust me, the blog that follows is a candidate for Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Even if you don’t care to read it, you might want to print it off, for it may be worth something in years to come as an anomaly—a technical article written by Christina Carson. If nothing else, it could offer a good lau…

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In the Name of Love

August 11, 2012

I have dedicated the greater part of my life to exploring reasons for the apparent inability of human beings to get along with each other. There is no more glorious earthly experience, short of transcendence, than when human beings work or live together in complete harmony, the familial equivalent o…

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Escaping the Bureaucracy of Ego

August 4, 2012

“The day was counting up its birds and never got the answer right.”

I don’t know who authored that thought, but if there were ever a sentence that so captures the sheer whimsy of life, that one would qualify. One, two three, oh what’s that red one called? Twenty-one, twenty-two, heh, is that a ba…

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Mistaken Identity

August 3, 2012

If you are someone who likes to chew on ideas, especially ones that could have a worthwhile impact on your life, give a look at this most recent entry to the Inspiration Section on my website.

From insightful Herman Hesse in Klein and Wagner:

Mind invented contradictions, invented names; it called som…

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The Bureaucracy of Ego

July 28, 2012


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Landlocked in Fur

July 19, 2012

I momentarily borrowed the title to one of Tukaram’s poems that I love. Daniel Ladinsky, one of my favorite translators of ecstatic poetry, renders it so marvelously I wanted to share it with you. Laughter comes more naturally to those who slip further and further out of the clutch of self-absorpt…

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How Did This Happen

July 14, 2012

Over my year in social media, I’ve watched the tides of emotion running through the group I hang out with the most – writers, we souls on the edge of this new era of publishing and communication. Each in his own way started on a high point—finally we could be the gatekeeper of our dreams, we could p…

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Oh Those Naughty Words

July 4, 2012

I've had trouble with the illogical all my life. The quirk showed up early, but didn’t take hold until the cussword discussion took place in our household. I don’t remember exactly what set it off. If I had to guess, I’d say I innocently used one of the banned words in conversation. It was the minor…

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The Long View

June 29, 2012

The American ethos has never been inclined toward the long view. Like a teenager in an old folks’ home, America has been the icon for youthfulness and immediacy in a world of much older cultures dominated by their enduring, patient histories. This sparky nature of ours most certainly has its upside …

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Best I Can Remember

June 24, 2012

  Eastern Entrance to Jasper

I believe it was the summer of 1970, best I can remember. My forced marriage (even without children involved) was already revealing the frays and broken threads of a seam soon to give way. The summer before, John and I had spent a month in the Canadian wilderness that un…

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Thoughtful Comments on "Good Fences Don't make Good Neighbors"

June 21, 2012

To me, a fascinating aspect to social media is the opportunity to interact with the thoughts of others from all over the world. Since that takes place in the comment section of a blog, it is often lost to the reading public as they are swept along in the stream-come-raging-river of information flowi…

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Good Fences Don't Make Good Neighbors

June 20, 2012

Something there is that doesn't love a wall, 
That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it, 
And spills the upper boulders in the sun; 
And makes gaps even two can pass abreast.

The other night, Bert and I watched a film clip created by National Geographic that featured the border issues occurring bet…

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La Cucaracha

June 18, 2012

Did you know the state bug of Alabama is the cockroach? That’s what Country-fried Mama said who found out the hard way, that rather than signs of filth and poverty, cockroaches were just part of the southern landscape. Deal with it.

Having no history with roaches, my introduction to this ancient in…

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The Zen of Ray Bradbury

June 9, 2012

“Sometimes I am stunned at my capacity as a nine-year-old, to understand my entrapment and escape it. How is it that the boy I was in October, 1929, could, because of criticism of his fourth-grade schoolmates, tear up his Buck Rogers comic strips and a month later judge all of his friends idiots and…

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The Books That Live Forever

June 6, 2012

Yesterday, Stephen Woodfin’s blog, “Five Books You Think Everyone Should Read,” started me musing, as it did a few others, judging from the comments that followed. Books aren’t like acquaintances; they are life experiences that we carry with us to the end. And when you think of it, that descript…

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Okay Where Are We Now ?

June 2, 2012

Years back, when I was in corporate consulting, I often found myself in the kitchen of fine eateries attempting to untangle the conflicts rife in that environment. The troubles my partner and I noted were directly related to the unusual requirements of the job of Executive Chef or Chef de cuisine. T…

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Which Would You Rather Be?

May 30, 2012

Did you ever play the game, 'what would you rather be?' as a little kid with your friends, when you were stuck in the house on rainy days or holed up in a secret hiding place sharing just that—secrets? We found out many things about each other in that game, but when we hit the hard questions, we fou…

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